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Our purpose is to capture meaningful possibilities for companies to make a positive impact on international level and to improve business strategies that go beyond national borders.


The mission of the FSA Research Project is to sustain our customers with durable, meaningful, and actionable insights for future business strategies in order to accumulate to a succesfull partnership and international experience.


Maintain the highest level of professional integrity
Enhance the performance of our customers significantly
Build an exceptional atmosphere for extraordinary young professionals

Why us?


We are trained by industry leaders. Every year we are supported by the top companies in the process to success

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is strongly involved in our decision-making processes and consists of a diverse group of industry experts

Track Record

In 25 years, we have completed over 150 consultancy cases for more than 100 different firms

South Korea

The early 1960’s can be seen as the moment the South Korean economy kickstarted, and transformed itself from an agrarian society into one of the world’s most highly industrialized nations. South Korea, being part of the four Asian Tigers, has a capitalist and export driven economy – in combination with an abundance of highly skilled and educated labor, fostered by strong government support. Next to the stability, growth of the South Korean economy, and well-standing relationships with the Netherlands (2nd largest trading partner of the EU), we deem the location to be promising country for the FSA Research Project 2022.  


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