Interview Martijn Ophof

We looked back with Martijn at his RP experiences in Indonesia in 2016.

What are the reasons why you signed up for the FSA Research Project?

The main reason for me to sign-up was to broaden my business skills in an international environment. Moreover, I was interested in learning how to orchestrate and conduct a consultancy project in a specific industry. Lastly, I was excited to collaborate with a group of eighteen students with different backgrounds in order to achieve a common goal. In my opinion, the FSA RP offers the best opportunity for students to broaden your international business skills in unknown cultures.

What is the most important lesson you have learned during the Research Project?

My most important lesson was “how to co-create and contribute to a culture where each RP student feels accountable for the common goal?”. You work together with fellow students in multiple settings (in research couples, sector acquisition teams, travel commissions), with the clear goal: enter into an agreement with nine organizations and successfully delivering value by answering their specific research questions for the Indonesian market. This sometimes was under challenging deadlines and pressuring circumstances, but I learned that fun and enjoyment should be key components of the culture of the RP group in order to keep everyone motivated and accountable for the common goal. This lesson paved the way for increased collaboration – everyone was willing to go the extra mile, whilst creating a fun and enjoyable journey. Although my RP experience is from five years ago, we regularly catch-up with our RP group to drink a beer!

 What has the Research Project brought that you still benefit from today?

The research that I conducted was aimed at getting a better understanding of the compressor applications and potential within the Oil & Gas industry, therefore we conducted interviews with thirty experts across Indonesia and Singapore. These interviews increased my understanding of the relevance of (cultural) differences in a business environment. I still benefit from these learnings today and more specifically during my recent assignment in Moscow (Russia), as part of the Commercial Management Traineeship of HEINEKEN. The learnings about the relevance of (cultural) differences increased my ability to adapt to the Russian culture. Working in an unknown (business) culture is really an educational experience!

What is the best memory you have of RP in Indonesia?

Picking one specific memory is hard, they are plentiful! Although some are top of mind when looking back; visiting beautiful Indonesian regions for business interviews, travelling in small aircrafts of regional airliners, maneuvering the chaotic traffic of Jakarta on the back of a taxi scooter on our way to an appointment, visiting Oil & Gas plants, playing field hockey with the Dutch community, and of course enjoying a cold Bintang on the beaches of Bali with the RP group during our final closing weekend!

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