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Since 1998

Since 1998, the Research Project (FSA RP) shows extensive expertise in business consultancy and research in foreign countries. FSA RP focuses on Dutch companies who want to expand their business to upcoming economies and provides strategic and tailor-made solutions for organizations of all sizes. FSA RP offers high-quality research at cost price, tailor-made approach customized for your company and field research with locally verified data. For the 25th consecutive year, a group of highly motivated and ambitious students is bound for a country with an upcoming economy to research business opportunities for Dutch organizations. The country of choice for 2022 is South Korea.

Training partners

Historical collaborations

South Korea 2022
Taiwan 2021
The Netherlands 2020
Mexico 2019
Brazil 2018
India 2017
Indonesia 2016
Vietnam 2015
China 2014
Malesia 2013
India 2012
South Africa 2011
China 2010

Track record

In 25 years, we have completed over 100 consultancy cases for various and prestigious firms. Every year we are aiming to support companies and organizations from different sectors and backgrounds.


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Telephone number: 020 – 525 6512
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Email adress: rp@fsa.nl

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