To achieve the best possible result for your project, the participants of the FSA Research Project will work closely with a number of leading consultancy firms. Last year, our consulting partners provided several workshops and training days for the participants of the FSA Research Project, along with supervising the project and offering professional assistance.


2015 Vietnam,Ludovic Desmarchelier: International Development Manager DIETAL 

‘’De Heus always keeps the customers’ needs or those of the sector in mind whilst constantly investing in knowledge, innovation and quality and by knowing what is important to them. In light of this philosophy we were happy to give young, intelligent and highly motivated students the opportunity to conduct a market research for De Heus Vietnam. Even though the De Heus environment (animal nutrition) is a complete different industry than they were familiar with, the two students were flexible, eager to learn and quickly managed to understand what the world of a farmer looks like in order to understand their needs. After five weeks of intensive field research they managed to deliver a profound structured and detailed report. Their research has confirmed some of our expectations, but also has given us new insights. New insights that will be of great value for the further development and implementation of De Heus’ digital strategy!’’ 

2012 India & 2011 South Africa,Arnoud van Tulder: Chief Executive Officer Cryo-Save Group N.V 

‘’In 2011 two students went to South Africa where we, at that time, just started a joint venture with a local stem cell bank. In 2012 two students went to India where we are in business since 2008, but with a performance behind expectations. I was very satisfied with the outcome of these projects. The students prepared themselves very well in the Netherlands (the desk research phase), and showed that they were mature and professional enough to do their field work locally, not always under easy circumstances in India and South Africa as you will understand. Also confidentiality was fully understood by them. I managed these projects from my office in the Netherlands, but they frequently informed me on progress. They presented their findings to local management and me verbally and in writing. This FSA Research Project is set up in such a professional way, run by very motivated and capable students, I really recommend everybody to give these students the chance to do research for any other company.’’